Mind Mapping For Training and Education

In any industry or profession, knowing the tools of the trade has always been an advantage to staying ahead of your competition. Whether it be a professional athlete, building contractor or marketing genius, knowing what information is required to make you a success is crucial to achieving your goals. In training and education our “tools of the trade” cover a wide range of products. These tools include such items as an electronic survey, a Learning Management System, a behavioral test, courseware development tools, Web based training options and much more. While each of these tools serves a specific purpose, the knowledge required to be adept at each is very broad. However, there is one tool that can be utilized in all of these areas and is consistent throughout. That tool is a Mind Map.Mind Mapping has been in existence much longer than online training tools and sophisticated testing programs ever existed. It was originally created back in the 3rd century and has resurrected in the last 40 years. A Mind Map incorporates thinking using both sides of the brain and has the capability to exist in any learning environment using crayons or colored pencils. The secret to unleashing a powerful Mind Map is interesting and fun, and just like any other master craftsmen’s tool does require knowledge and practice.Often referred to as “a visual roadmap” or “the ultimate visual organizational tool”, a Mind Map incorporates the use of color and a free flowing thought process that starts in the center of a page and moves outward in a radial fashion. Mind Maps are not restricted to creative thinkers, however they can create thinking that you never thought existed. The way to incorporate the use of a Mind Map is different for everyone, however once you see the benefits it can bring, you will understand the endless potential it offers. Let me briefly explain some ways to incorporate a mind Map into your learning organization.Creating a Learning Organization – While the criteria for successfully creating and implementing a Learning Organization within a company will vary based on size, the one component that is required and consistent, regardless of size, is a vision. Without a vision in anything in life, success will come hard served or simply not ever arrive. Having a vision to implement a learning culture starts at the top and cascades out to each associate. Companies that lack a vision in this area create a culture that is void of growth and limits potentials within their team.Presentations – If you rely on a PowerPoint as your crutch in your presentation it is likely to let that shine through to your audience. If you are presenting a topic for the first time you know that it can be challenging due to lack of confidence or lack of knowledge or both. Using a Mind Map to prepare for a training deliverable or a customer presentation allows you to remember the key talking points of your presentation and not rely on your crutch to get you through. Incorporating the effective use of imagination and association allows you to be better prepared thus creating a more relaxed and confident delivery.Retention – Whether we are providing a training seminar or attending one, the ability to remember what was covered is extremely important. If you are one who likes to scribe every detail from a seminar or takes as limited information as possible, incorporating a Mind Map as our note making system is a highly effective way to retain the information into our short term and long term memory. If you have ever walked away from a training session and said “I will remember that for sure tomorrow or next week or next month” but never review the information, the likelihood for retention is limited. Using a mind Map as a retention tool is fun since you can view the information at a glance and commit the information to long term storage.Greg Liberto has over 15 years experience in the training and development industry and provides training in the areas of Mind Mapping, social networking, personal branding, time management and more. Greg is the Managing Partner of Web Learners which provides a live online training solution in these areas. If you would like to learn how to implement Mind Mapping into your learning organization.

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Why Unsecured Personal Loans Online Are The Superior Loan Option

To bad credit borrowers, ensuring that their poor financial decisions of the past are ignored is the key factor to securing a loan. The problem is that traditional lenders do not tend to forget. Thankfully, online lenders are far more accommodating, looking past credit scores and helping to make a deal affordable. The result is that getting unsecured personal loans online becomes much easier.Of course, approval is not a simple matter of filling in an application form. There are criteria to meet and boxes to see ticked first. To stand a chance of getting fast loan approval with bad credit aspects like the loan size and the income of the applicant are important ascertain.Applying for an unsecured personal loan can be a stressful thing because of the uncertainty involved, but the online option has proven to be far less stressful. That is just one way in which the loan option is superior to more orthodox options.Why They WorkIt might seem strange that it is even possible to get unsecured personal loans online. After all, it is not like in banks where it is possible to sit down and talk to a loan officer. Online, there is practically no interaction. But this actually works in your favor.Online lenders are less interested in the personality, intentions or past of a loan applicant. They look at the cold facts, so once the criteria are met and the loan deal is proven to be affordable, it is possible to get fast loan approval – with bad credit or not.Of course, the lender is still taking on a large risk, which is why the interest rate charged is typically higher than normal. But, as with any unsecured personal loan, proof that repayments are possible and affordable is the key.Alternative Loan OptionsThere is a variety of types of unsecured personal loans online, not just those from the online branch of a well-known bank. Many of them are more likely to be approved, though. A payday loan, for example, is granted against the certainty of an upcoming paycheck.However, the terms are not ideal. The repayment schedule can sometimes be as short as 14 days, while the loan sum is limited to a maximum $1,500. Also, the interest rates can be as high as 35%. On the plus side, however, fast loan approval with bad credit is almost guaranteed.Another alternative option is a bidding loan, where members of a website bid for the chance to finance a loan proposal. This time, the borrower states the terms and the lenders are chosen. This usually means much lower interest rates, and a more flexible repayment schedule, but the size of the unsecured personal loan is usually low.Finding the Best TermsLocating a trustworthy lender willing to issue unsecured personal loans online can take some time. But taking time is usually a sound strategy anyway as it is important to know your prospective lender well.The most effective strategy is to decide on a shortlist of the best loan offers gathered from the Internet. Then, to check out the reputations of the particular lenders on either the Better Business Bureau website or the Verify1st site.The lure of specific loan aspects, like securing fast loan approval with bad credit, should be ignored until later. Knowing the lender can be trusted is the first step.Then read the small print and examine the terms in detail. That way, potholes can be avoided and getting the unsecured personal loan will not prove to be a disaster.

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Finance Your SRED Credit – Financing a SR and ED Claim Is Easy Via a Tax Credit Bridge Loan

Of the many questions clients ask around the SR&ED (SRED) program in Canada a typical one, actually two, is ‘ can we finance and our SRED claim… and how is financing SR&ED grants done?’Let’s work through a short SRED loan primer and cover off the basics, allowing you to better understand the potential benefits of financing your SRED refundable credit, and, more importantly determining if it makes sense to finance that claim.SRED calim percentages actually vary by provinces, because they are a combo grant that is administered and funded by both your province and Ottawa. While percentages of the amounts you receive might vary a bit between provinces for the purposes of our discussion we’ll speak in general terms, because we are pretty sure you aren’t going to move your company location to increase your non repayable SRED credit!.SRED claims vary but in general they do not go much more than over a million dollars. You have the ability to finance your claim if it’s eligible. We will also mention that if your company is perfectly willing to wait for your cheque that’s a good thing also, it just seems to us that if you can put non repayable tax credits to work to generate additional revenue and profits, well… that is a good consideration of financing our SRED refundable credit.A key to financing your claim is the quality of your claim. Three types of preparers are out in the marketplace – your company itself can prepare the claim, your accountant can, or you can use an expert, otherwise known in the industry as a SRED consultant. Theoretically all three parties could prepare a claim that is financeable, but the reality is that your SRED finance firm leans more preferably to the utilization of a SRED consultant. That’s simply because expertise in an area such as an R&D overview submission seems to make the most sense.The government pays out billions of dollars each year to firms such as yours – so filing a claim, and considering the financing of that claim can be a key part of your overall company cash flow.If your claim is a first time claim, and is less than straight forward there is a strong possibility based on current SRED trends that you could wait close to a year for your refund. So the question then becomes, could your firm utilize effectively a SRED loan as a bridge type financing for additional cash flow and working capital.If you are answering in the affirmative then it’s simply a case of working with a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor to fast track a SRED financing. Typical SR&ED loans take a couple weeks or so to process; it’s a basic business application, with your SRED refundable credit collateralized. Advances on your claim are in the 70% range and are typically structured as no payments, with the final 30% due your firm, less financing charges, at the time of final disbursement from Ottawa and your province.A short summary of our shared info is very simple – if you qualify for SRED then clearly use the program – if you don’t you are missing out. Want to wait a year for your money… great, keep us posted, the cheque is in the mail. Want additional working capital and cash flow today out of your non repayable SRED credit, then consider the SRED loan financing program today. It’s as simple as that.

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